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GLOW UP & SHOW UP – WE <3 THE 80s!

Hands up who’s watching and LOVING Glow, on Netflix? Yaaas – no shame here! It got me thinking about how the 80s are making a comeback and the time we went all out with the neon paints and glitter for an 80s extravaganza at Prested Hall.

We’ve all got a little thing about neon here at Luxurious Glitter and it really is the brighter the better. And if there ever was an era that shouts all this neon loudness, it’s the 80s! So when we were asked to get our glitter station and paints out for the party, it was, of course, a huge yes from us.

80s GLITTER GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS! With our 80s glitter makeup on and a strong hair game, we were ready to go!


We love Prested Hall. They’re a real fun crew to work with and on this particular night, they went all to keep the 80s alive with their décor. And could you stop us from dancing? Absolutely not! If you’re playing 80s tunes, then we’re singing and dancing!

A-LAD-IN GLITTER If the eighties weren’t fun enough already, we pulled out some great Bowie-inspired glitter with face flashes and neon pops.


This one was so. much. fun. The perfect paint for the perfect outfit!

Prested Hall, we had a blast and we didn’t even need a Delorian to get us there! Check out our 80s Pinterest board for even more 80s inspiration!


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