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Boredom seems to have kicked in everywhere and not only are we all still in isolation it's also half term and the weather is bloomin’ gorgeous! So, if you’ve reached the same level of craziness that we have here, or you’re in need of a little entertainment idea inspo as we head into week 10, grab yourselves some glitter and have a read through our mini-series of isolation home activity ideas. All tried and tested by yours truly, of course!


This one was a real hit, all round! The sun has been shining, so like everyone, we’ve been making the most of our garden and we thought we’d stage a mini garden festival.

Using a goalpost and a den kit we put our minds to pitching up our tent. You could use a real tent or whatever you’ve got around the house to make yours – get as creative as you can with it, too – it’s lots of fun.

Next, we dug around in the wardrobes to assemble our best festival outfits. Our fab Tilly Von Tiki sequin kimonos came out and a few other sparkly bits we picked up in the High Street sales way back. With our outfits on form, we were ready for the main event – glitter!

Every festival look needs a little sparkle, so we got creative and colourful with bright face paints and lots of glitter. The kid’s faces when I said they could apply my glitter and paint was absolutely priceless!


Tent – tick.

Outfits – tick.

Glitter - TICK!

Time for the party! As the party started, we blasted out some feel-good Disney tracks, had a really good dance and sing along, a few mocktails and soaked up some of the afternoon sun.

We chilled on the grass with the pups, took some really cool silly photos that I’ll cherish forever and ate BBQ food into the evening.

It was one of the best afternoons in isolation to date and we’ll be doing it again. You can easily create your own festival at home and if you need a little glitter, head over to Etsy or our site and shop for one of our super sparkly festival glitter kits.

Shop for festival glitter kits here

Don’t forget to share any of your garden festival pics with us over on Instagram @luxurious_glitter

Thank you!

Claire x

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