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Finding a wedding photographer that’s going to capture your big day just the way you want has to be up there with one of the most important suppliers to organise. You want one that’s recommended but one that’s also going to get you, capture your day just the way you want and give you photos to look back on and treasure forever. So, in true supplier lockdown love style, we’ve had a chat with a few of our faves to give you a list of photographers that get the Luxurious Glitter sparkly seal of approval!

Check them out and give them a follow while you get planning.


So, how long have you been a photographer and what made you get into weddings?

I have been photographing weddings and running my own business for nearly seven years now and absolutely love it! I actually kind of stumbled into wedding photography. After studying photography at Uni, I tried out lots of different kinds of photography work and found it all really boring. Like, really boring! I loved to create and capture people, so I was having a bit of a blonde moment not connecting the two. Then a friend was working a wedding back in 2012 and I helped him out and absolutely loved it. The rest is history.

What’s your photography style?

I focus on laid back, fun, story-telling photography with portraits of real love and laughter. I’m all about capturing and having all the fun on your wedding day. My photography style is definitely on the colourful and quirky side. I often attract free-spirited, unconventional couples who want a unique day that reflects them both as a couple. I’m often at festival style weddings, or urban cool warehouse weddings and I love them all.

What’s your favourite part of a wedding?

This is a hard question because it’s all so good! For me, I love the ceremony and always get butterflies just before it all kicks off. I also love all the in-between moments and getting all the natural, fun photos.

What’s your most favourite wedding photo you have ever taken?

Ah man, you’re killing me! I don’t know how I can pick just one! But if I have to pick one it would have to be from a wedding I shot a few years back now… it was a completely off the cuff moment – a big hug in a patch of glorious sunshine.

What would your ideal couple and wedding be?

Again, I love it all so it’s tough to pick one ideal wedding! I'm a big lover of the outdoors and love a wild, bohemian festival wedding. Wild forests and festival fields are my jam. On the flip side, I love shooting in London and love the contrast of the super urban lifestyle too. I am already super lucky to say I already attract my ideal couples; they all just want to have the best time and party hard.

For any couples who are wedding planning and looking for a fun and colourful photographer, hit me up!


How long have you been a photographer and what made you get into weddings?

I have been shooting weddings since 2012, so about eight years now. I actually studied photography but not for weddings or events, I saw myself working for a magazine or fashion brand doing editorial stuff, but as soon as I got into a studio, I hated the atmosphere. Everything had to be perfect and false, I fell in love with photographing people but not in this plastic way. I finished my university course and went back to a bar job. Friends then asked me to take some photos at their wedding as they couldn’t afford a photographer and knew I had studied it. I said no at first as it sounded terrifying! Then finding out they couldn’t afford a photographer made me appreciate that some substandard photos would be better than no photos! I ended up loving it, enjoying the stress and the couple loved their images! I’ve been hooked ever since.

Can you sum up your photography style?

It’s so hard to nail a style down to a few words because we sound so cliché, I try to lean towards ‘documentary’ with weddings being a day that’s already planned. There’s no point me coming in to force fake photos. The couples have spent hard-earned money on their day, so my job is to mingle in, catch their friends and family enjoying their celebrations naturally. My style, therefore, is pretty relaxed, natural and fun. I love a couple who are up for an adventure – so we can go for a walk to find a perfect backdrop while they giggle and enjoy their moment!

What’s your favourite part of a wedding?

Oh gosh, so many. I kind of love the speeches – I already feel like I know the couple really well at this point, so I love hearing the stories from their loved ones. I also love bridal prep, nothing better than nervous giggles and early champagne – haha!

What would your ideal couple and wedding be?

My ideal couple are those who book me! It’s hard to imagine, but I don’t have ‘one perfect couple’ because I think if I shot that same couple every week it wouldn’t be perfect. I love shooting every kind of wedding; colourful, simple, homemade. But best of all, I love personal. I love finding out that the bride is wearing their great nan's pearls, or that the groom’s brother made the decorations. It’s all these personal touches that bring a wedding together and make it so full of love. These weddings are so easy to photograph because they just ooze fun and celebration!


How long have you been a photographer and how did you get into weddings?

I photographed my first solo wedding in 2014 but didn’t go full time until 2017 - I sort of fell into weddings accidentally! Whilst at Uni, we were told they were your ‘bread and butter’ but they wouldn’t fulfil you creatively and paid for you to do the work you really wanted to do… I’m the kind of person that when someone tells you not to/you can’t do it, I want to prove them wrong, so I decided in my Uni term I would focus more on creative wedding photography and show that you could do it and then I completely fell in love with doing it!

Can you sum up your photography style?

Bright, colourful, fun and non-traditional. I don’t like to photograph cookie-cutter weddings, I love weddings that are full of personality as I love to photograph that.

What’s your favourite part of a wedding?

The ceremony! Most weddings I photograph have really personal celebrant ceremonies, but I love church/registry office ceremonies too. I love the nervous and excited giggles throughout and the little moments throughout the ceremony that couples share. I also REALLY love a dance floor!

What would your ideal couple and wedding be?

I love an outdoor wedding. I’d love to photograph a Harry Potter themed wedding, cloaks, wands etc. I think that would be so awesome! As for ideal couples - a couple that are super in love, laid back and relaxed and I can have a good laugh with. And ultimately, are having the wedding THEY want, not what parents etc. are telling them to have. These are my ideal kind!



How long have you been a photographer and how did you get into weddings?

I started photographing weddings in 2010. I fell into it after returning home from working as a photographer for Princess Cruises during the recession. I really struggled to find full-time work and ended up with a seasonal job as a school photographer. Around that time lots of friends started to get married and so came to me for photos. From there I built up my portfolio, quit the seasonal job and started working for myself instead.

Can you sum up your photography style?

My approach is very relaxed. I love it when guests think I’m a friend with a fancy camera as it means I’ve done my job well and blended into the day rather than controlled it. When it comes to the look of my work, I’m a huge fan of colour and so my images are bright and happy to reflect the day. I’ve always made sure my editing style isn’t a fad or trend, I want my couples to look back on their photos and the only thing to age them is their outfits and hairstyles!

What’s your favourite part of a wedding?

Arriving in the morning to all the excitement and nerves is always lovely. It’s also the part of the day where I have time to what to the bride and her bridesmaids and get to know everyone. I also love confetti, but there has to be a lot of it!

What’s your most favourite wedding photo you’ve ever taken?

This is so hard! There is no way I could pick one. Last year though I made a much bigger effort to stop worrying about the epic couple shots and instead concentrate on the stories and connections in images. So, whilst those images aren’t impressive to the industry or awards, blogs and magazines they mean the world to my couples.

What would your ideal couple and wedding be?

I’m still very gutted that I couldn’t photograph my own wedding! So, I’d love to photograph a couple getting married in the woods with their dog as a ring bearer! I also love celebrant led weddings, they're far more personal and relaxed so more of those, please. My ideal couples are always the ones who are laid back, open to my ideas and not worried about getting their outfits dirty.


How long have you been a photographer and how did you get into weddings?

Wahhhh, I thought it was 7 years, but I’ve just checked and my first wedding was at the end of 2011, so I’m now sat here GOBSMACKED. How the hell did that happen?! Such a long story how I got into photography, but it was a windy road which lead me to living in Japan, teaching English in a kindergarten and travelling everywhere in my spare time and I found myself completely in LOVE with the fact my camera was this incredible tool that allowed me to capture the beauty in everything I was seeing.

Can you sum up your photography style?

Colourful, awesome and super fun!

What's your favourite part of a wedding?

All of it, all of it, all of it!

What would your ideal couple and wedding be?

My ideal couples are not planning a traditional wedding, they are incredible people who are totally in love with each other, life and they really know how to have a good time!


How long have you been a photographer and how did you get into weddings?

2020 is my 4th year as a business. It was going to be my most exciting yet... but Coronavirus had other ideas! Fingers crossed 2021 goes more to plan. Initially, I focussed a lot on commercial photography for businesses but now there’s nothing I love more than capturing real, genuine moments between people.

Can you sum up your photography style?

Natural, authentic and relaxed.

What's your favourite part of a wedding?

I’d say either the time I head off with the couple for portraits or the dancefloor antics. The couple’s session is such is a beautiful time because it’s just the three of us and it gives them a moment to breathe, spend time together and reflect on the commitment they’ve just made. I love witnessing it all unfold in front of my camera. And the dancing in the evening is always epic; everyone’s had a lot to drink, let their hair down and just having a blast which is so fun to photograph!

What's your most favourite wedding photo you have ever taken?

This is a tough one as I love so many for all different reasons, but I particularly love this photo because every time I look at it, I can FEEL their passion. Gives me goosebumps!

What would your ideal couple and wedding be?

Oooh! Probably on a beach somewhere exotic with insane decor and styling. A lovely, chilled couple madly in love planning an intimate wedding with those closest to them, set on having loads of fun and making amazing memories.

If you'd like any more info from any of these amazing wedding photographers, get in touch with them and don't forget to give us a mention! <3

Claire x

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