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After our hugely successful and inspirational training day with Eco Glitter Fun, we decided that team days are a must! Not only are they creative days, they move us out of our comfort zone, give us the opportunity to practice and share any newly learned skills and techniques. Oh, and this time, the opportunity to eat a bit of choccie. Because… Easter.

We had a smaller team than usual but still managed to smash it and have a great team day. We opened up all of the eco glitter (and I mean all – there was a lot of glitter!) and our newly acquired Diamond FX face paints from our recent amazing face painting course at Eleven 16 Studios.

We had a great day using both glitter and neon face paints. Some of these ideas are evolving as we speak and you’ll see them on offer at our events and parties!

Literally can’t wait to get these added to the Luxurious Glitter bar and create even more amazing looks for everyone.

Bring on the Summer!

Claire x


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