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Who said Harry Potter Glitter Themed Party? Me!

I’m not sure if you guys know it as yet but I’m a bit of a Harry Potter fan and when a friend of mine invited me and my little girl and a join them at a Harry Potter themed Afternoon Tea at the incredible Mad Dogs and Englishmen, I couldn’t help but get all inspired to get out the glitter bar and camera and create a Harry Potter glitter mini-shoot of our own.

I’ve also had quite a few enquiries recently about what we can offer in terms of glitter for boys so this idea and shoot just seemed to be a perfect way to highlight exactly what we can do. Glitter is not just for girls, after all!

My kids are also huge Harry Potter fans (there's a surprise, hey!). My little girl is Ravenclaw and my boy is Hufflepuff, so I just needed to find a Slytherin and Gryffindor to complete the look. We rounded up a couple of friends to represent these houses and according to their mum, they’re both very well suited!

It was easy to choose the glitter blends to go with their houses and as always, I used 100% biodegradable Eco Glitter Fun. For my Hufflepuff look, I went with a mix of Nero & Golden Disco and went for a triangle design over one eye to recreate the all-important badger emblem. For Ravenclaw, I used a mix of Blues and Disco and my daughter came up with the design idea to use a wing to represent her house. For Griffindor I used a mix of Rojo, Kooper and Golden Disco all in the shape of a lion’s main and then for Slytherin, I went with a snake design using Green Disco and a sprinkle of Golden Disco and Disco -- and they all looked incredible!

Once they were dressed up in their cloaks, ties and handmade Harry Potter wands the real fun began. We spent the next hour in character and they all posed like pros and had a great time. My boy definitely embraced his inner model (can’t wait to get these pictures out at his 18th!).

Luxurious Glitter Birthday Party Packages are available. If you’d like yours to be Harry Potter themed, pleeeeeease, don’t hesitate to ask - this is pretty much my absolutely favourite theme.

So the final question is, which house would you choose?!

Claire x

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