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Check out my favourite Christmas movies, grab your partner (or a snuggly blanket), some popcorn and enjoy!


If there’s any film that gets me in the Christmas spirit, it’s The Muppet Christmas Carol – a controversial choice but it’s been my all-time favourite since I was a little girl! It reminds me of sitting by the fire in the living room, singing along to all the songs (even singing them at school to annoy the cool kids!). I think I could run the whole film word for word and in all the voices… maybe I’ll try that this year?! The Muppets do an amazing job as always and the fact that Michael Caine is in it makes it even more special – what a legend!


It’s not a Christmas movie list without Elf, is it?! This movie always brings a tear when Jovie starts singing to make everyone believe and make the sleigh fly. I love to think that there are some people out there who are THAT excited by Christmas that they dress as an elf all year round in New York (note to self, there probably is!). I love the story, the lesson of believing and candy on spaghetti! You cannot go wrong with Elf.


If you haven’t seen this one, it’s an absolute Christmas banger! Quite a new British film full of great actors (Kurt Russell, Warwick Davis, Stephen Graham, Jim Broadbent to name a few!). The plot is a totally different spin on Christmas that still teaches you that in the end, you must believe to save Christmas! A grumpy Dad comes out of prison the week before Christmas and Santa, on a test flight, crashes in this son’s garden. Society doesn’t believe and Santa ends up in prison (shock!). It’s up to the boy and the Dad to get Santa out in time before Christmas is ruined. It. Is. Great.


Well, it’s set at Christmas time, isn’t it! I don’t actually think I need to say too much about this one! You can watch it and not realise you’re actually watching a Christmas film. All the guys like it, so you can get it in at Christmas without them noticing. And 80s Bruce is pretty damn hot all while saving the day!


IT IS THE BEST! Deciding who will take on the new role of Santa. Poor Arthur, a little scared and a little unlucky, is the underdog. But he believes in Santa more than Santa believes in himself! Poor Steve wants the title of Santa but doesn’t quite get the meaning of Christmas, let alone the title. This film ranks high for imagination. The wrapping elves, the delivery elves and great grand Santa. Just top tip Christmas amazingness!

Claire x

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