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In our opinion, there’s no party that doesn’t go with a glitter bar but sometimes you need a little inspiration! So here are my top 4 kids party ideas for you that go hand in hand with our glitter bar…

1. Sleepover + glitter bar = fully entertained kids. Yey!

Depending on the age of your party guests and your sanity levels, all of our party packages go down an absolute storm at a sleepover! We all know it. That chaotic time void from when everyone arrives to the time they eat or sleep and then they’re not quite ready for watching that film you had planned! Solution? Hire our glitter bar to keep your party guests entertained! The glitter, style and learn package works a treat as it keeps your little ones focussed for an hour or two, gets them glammed and glitzed and if you purchase a mannequin head, everyone can keep on learning once we’ve left! Win!

2. Stuck for a party idea? Craft party, every time!

If you’d like our team to come and just glitter and you’re wondering what else you can do within budget, then throw in a few easy and fun crafts – kids love them! Hobbycraft have great deals on offer and your party guests could be getting creative on a simple art project, like painting a frame or a money box. Keep it glitter themed to tie in! If you’d like eco-glitter for your craft party then please do not hesitate to ask as we can definitely help!

3. Want that cute kid Glasto festival vibe?

Get that festival vibe going with a fully customisable bell tent. We have teamed up with the girls from Peanut Butter & Jelly to bring along a tent to your party! Glitter and style your guests, pop them music on and let them dance in their very own festival tent. Woop woop!

4. Hall party & entertainers all booked? Want a glitter bar too?!

Perhaps you’ve already got a hall party and an entertainer booked up but you’d love a glitter bar too? No problem! Our glitter bar party package fits right in to this set up. We’ll come and glitter faces whilst your entertainer entertains and even work with them beforehand to ensure there’s no long queues at the glitter bar…

These are just some party ideas for you to add a glitter bar to. If you’d like help in understanding how our glitter bar would tie in with your party, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Claire x


Blog editor Naomi Rose

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