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When talented aerial performer Diana from Little Stars Circus asked me to come along make her sparkle as she trialled out her new OMG Costume, I knew EXACTLY what glitter I wanted to use and leaped at the chance.

Diana is a seriously talented aerial performer who has been creating her own stage makeup looks for many years, so I was flattered when she asked. My mission for the day was to work alongside Diana’s style and give her a glitter look that fully complimented and tied right in with her look.

Diana’s new costume was adorned with black crystal and featured a beautiful barbed wire print and it just screaming to me for Eco Glitter Fun’s Nero! I went straight in with adorning Diana’s forehead with black gems to bring out the spikiness of her costume and added black crystals to her ears to further enhance her fierce look. Working with Diana’s eye makeup, I highlighted just under her eye with Bella.

Diana keeps her hair in a tight bun, so to bring everything together, I added Nero and Disco along her hairline and the results were just what we wanted - dramatic!

With her OMG Costume on, glitter and hair in place, we set off to Diana’s studio to meet the accomplished photographer, Sarah Scotchman. Diana performed absolutely effortlessly on her hoop and contortion straps and the results are these photos...

To say they look amazing is an understatement. Thanks for including us in your performance, Diana!

Claire x


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