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Once a month, I pop into The Essex Wedding Breakfast Club at The Squeeze in Leigh. I was a little early this month, so I decided to check out The Refill Room – a beautiful shop in Leigh-on-Sea dedicated to zero waste.

From décor to staff, it has a relaxed and friendly vibe. They welcomed me, asked if I needed any help and explained how to use the refill tubs.

Although I’ve heard all about refill shops, this was my first time in one and I was really impressed with all the easy ways they had to help us all reduce waste – literally really simple things that I didn’t consider before. From refilling your herbs and spices, oats and pasta, right through to laundry detergents, coffee and chocolate. Oh, and even dog treats (which is great for us with our new puppies!).

Ordinarily, you take your own tubs along to fill up but if you haven’t remembered, or you haven’t got any spare tubs, they supply brown paper bags, or you can buy your own set of glass jars to fill and come back with. You weigh your own items and go with the amount you need at that time – it’s all your choice.

I absolutely loved that you can make your own peanut or almond butter, too. So yummy! Did I mention that you can also refill your almond, oat milk and oils?

I came away with a great range of nuts, some natural granola for Ben (no manmade sugars here), a jar of almond butter which I caught Ben tucking right into later on that eve.

Not only do they sell refillables, they also sell a great range of sustainable products including bamboo toothbrushes, plastic-free soap bars, stainless steel lunch boxes, reusable cups and menstrual cups. A great range of on-topic books and my absolute favourite – stainless steel straw.

Can you tell this idea is a huge hit with me?! The store is well worth a look and next time I’m in Leigh, I’ll be popping by again. I know of one in Maldon and Tiptree and hopefully, we’ll be getting one in Chelmsford soon.

A great idea that we need more of!

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