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Updated: Aug 13, 2019

As you may or may not know, this here chief glitter fairy is a bit of a Disney fan! I’ve got a Little Mermaid half-sleeve, Tangled thigh piece and my sweet little Mickey Mouse heart hands tattoo on my arm. And these are just a small percent of my ongoing obsession. Some might call me mad but I’m pretty sure I have Disney running through my veins! At home, I have an incredible display of over 100 Disney Funkos and a few pairs of Disney Irregular Choice shoes to boot. I have a matching library of films and my (not so) poor kids have been watching Disney films since they were born. Needless to say, they love Disney just as much as Mum now! (I can’t bear the thought of them not liking it – how would I have coped?!).

So, I thought I’d share my family's top four favourite Disney classics. Grab a pillow and a blanket, snuggle up and watch these. And if they don’t convert you to the Disney way, I don't know what will!


This one is my personal all time fave! I’m pretty much sure this is where my obsession for red hair and pirates began. Unfortunately, it didn’t have the same effect on me with learning to swim (I can still pretend to be a mermaid though!). Oh, how I wanted to be Ariel when I was five! To find my loving prince and live happily ever after. For Eric to kiss the girl and for her to win. I still today drag it out of the collection on duvet days and the kids do, too. For my 30th birthday, Ben dressed up as Eric and I was finally Ariel and I’m pretty sure this was when I knew we were going to be married.


Peter Pan is Lux’s favourite and an old school favourite in our house overall. Lux’s obsession started at a very young age as he started to learn and sing along to all the great songs and wanting to be Captain Hook. It was great as the kids could easily dress up as the characters with things around the house – all you need is a coat hanger or two and an Aunty willing to show you how to snap and twist and hey-ho, you're Hook! Hours have been spent watching Peter Pan over the years and when Lux is poorly and in need of a duvet day, it’s the film he goes for.


Ahh, Tangled! From the age of 18 months, Catalina was in a trance staring at her hair and wanting to have it. Her little toddler laughter at Pascal and Max and dancing to all the songs (note: Catalina’s nine and still dances and sings along to ALL the songs!) was totally infectious! I have to say that it’s also a guilty pleasure of mine. I don’t know if it was Catalina loving it so much or watching Flynn Rider fall in love and all the magic lantern but I’m now an absolute sucker for a love story. And coincidentally, this is also how Ben asked me to marry him - with lanterns! He knows the way to my heart is through Disney!


Now this one is a favourite of all of ours – the whole family. Stitch is cuter than Lilo and Ohana is the most important thing to us, too (it means family). We love Stitch and the kids have spent their lives trying to copy his voice and quite frankly, who doesn’t need a Stitch in their lives?! So many fond memories. And yes, Ben was also made to dress up and be the Stitch to my Lilo for a friend’s Hawaiian themed 30th birthday party!

So, there you have it folks. A little insight to my Disney-fied brain! And now I need to dress up again. I wonder which film it’ll be this time?!

Claire x

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