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Sophie, Claire, Holly, Emma & Naomi of Luxurious Glitter & Eco Glitter Fun with glittered faces
Eco Glitter Fun & Luxurious Glitter getting down and glitzy with the eco glitter

We were absolutely thrilled to sparkly pieces to have Eco Glitter Fun’s super talented Sophie right here at Luxurious HQ this weekend!

If you’re wondering, Eco Glitter Fun is our go-to source for all things eco glitter. They’re so friendly and helpful (already felt I knew them well – thanks social media!) and at the top of their game when it comes to environmentally friendly, plastic-free glitter.

As most of you know, I’ve been expanding my glitter fairy tribe so we can take on more of your glitter parties this year! Having Sophie here was all about upping our (already incredibly sparkly) game, gaining knowledge and sharing hints and tips so we can get your faces and bodies all glitzed up to the max. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. You’re never too experienced to take on or update your knowledge, gain new skills or an insight into a different way of doing things. And working together as a team and inspiring each other together is just a fantastic way of learning!

Big Eco Glitter Fun learning love for team Luxurious Glitter

Incomes the super fun and amazingly talented Sophie. From the get-go, Sophie had our full attention. We started with the fundamentals and got down to the nitty glitzy with top application techniques and different designs. We’ve got a range of expertise going on in the team, so it was important to cover all bases. We started with the basics and ended on the more advanced techniques – it was literally the most perfect learning day.

Glitter application dos and donts
Holly & Sophie from Luxurious Glitter & Eco Glitter Fun

We covered new blending methods and chatted through the different grades of glitter and where they should and shouldn’t be applied…

Sophie encouraged everyone to try out different styles and techniques and no one held back. My poor fiancé was dragged in as a glitter mule. He absolutely loved the glitter AND the attention.

Watch out, super Luxurious Glitter coming through!!

The show stopper though was Sophie offering herself to the team as a human doodle wall. Hats off to you for braving that outfit in this weather.

We absolutely loved our learning day. Huge thanks to Sophie and the Eco Glitter Fun team - you left us on a sparkly high!

Claire x


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