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Updated: Jan 28, 2019

I’ve literally been busting at the seams to share this one with you! I just love and admire all circus performers, have done for years. So, this summer, I decided I wanted in on the action and joined up with the fabulous Little Stars Circus.

I am literally starting to believe that ALL situations call for glitter but this one just seemed to stand out to me, so after chatting with head Little Stars Circus extraordinaire, Diana, we decided to do an exciting collaboration. Her girls, my glitter and the fabulous Chloe Lee and Sarah Scotchman behind the camera.

We all agreed on an October date (and we all know I like to procrastinate for at least 1-5 years over a photoshoot!) and with the right focus and positive energy from Diana, it was all planned and sorted.

First off, let me get this off my chest… I absolutely forget what a long day a photoshoot is!! So, I dropped the kids off and met up with Luxurious Glitter gals Emma and Holly on location at 9am.

On to the shoot.

We had the lovely Alice rocking an individual alien Egyptian costume with lots of fantastic shapes and colour to work with. Holly and myself got to work on her hair and glitter to get her right into character. First up, we used Rosa, Aqua and Golden Disco Eco Glitter Fun (always Eco Glitter Fun!) on her hair and face, creating triangular shapes that blended into her hair. We followed the same blends into a perfectly placed fishtail plait bun. Once the glitter face painting and hair was complete, Alice rocked over to Emma to get her face gems in place… Emma’s great as she’s a stickler for symmetry, and this is just what we needed to complete the look.

Sian had an amazing headdress for us to use as her main focus. We positioned her headdress to flow nicely around her facial features and worked on placing gems perfectly on the top of her arm. We used vibrant Kopper glitter to tie in and set off her look. Again, she looked incredible!

Elizabeth was our golden bird in a cage and what a golden bird she was! Holly gave Elizabeth a beautiful Dutch braid and we blended her braid in with Unicorn and Rosa glitter blends. For Elizabeth’s face glitter, we went with a bird design, feathering in on her face in the same colours and she was ready to get her circus ON!

Last but not least, we styled up the incredibly cute, baby Faith. I’m not the only one to think this but she absolutely STOLE the show! Aged two, on a hoop… what more can I say? There was only one look in my mind for baby Faith and that was a splash of Frozen to match her costume.

All the girls gave an incredible performance as they posed on hoops and traplyra from workhorse engineering. Their performances on silks blew my mind and hats off to the very flexible Elizabeth for her birdcage work!

Chloe Lee and Sarah Scotchman both captured the day well and I cannot wait for the full results! For now, here’s a sneak preview of some of the pictures from Chloe...

Huge thanks to everyone involved – this really is our cup of tea!

Claire xx


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