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Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Did you know that most of the glitter used in crafts and makeup is made of plastic? Yep, that’s right. Tiny little bits of plastic that inevitably get washed and flushed down our plug holes, out to the ocean and into the food chain. Either that, or it’s dropped on the ground and just lives there – becomes plastically-one with nature. Did you also know it takes 100 years to degrade? This doesn't sit well with us at Luxurious Glitter!

Other than being part of the age where we’re evermore plastic-conscious and attempting to abolish single-use plastics, this is our main reason for going eco with our glitter. We basically love Nemo too much to pollute him with plastic sparklies!

Here’s some info for you so you can get on-board and get sparkling with us, guilt free...

What is biodegradable glitter made of?

Our glitter supply uses natural and plant derived, non-plastic material as its basis. It’s made up of a special form of cellulose from hardwoods, primarily eucalyptus, and is sourced from responsibly managed plantations. It’s the only glitter available that’s completely compostable and also breaks down into harmless substances in the natural environment. Win!

How does glitter ‘break down’ into the environment?

It’s really clever stuff! The bio glitter uses bacteria and other microorganisms to biodegrade. So once it hits the natural environment where these are present, microbes consume the bio content, turning it into carbon dioxide, water and biomass. Science!

How can you tell the difference between biodegradable and plastic glitter?

There are some big tell-tale signs for plastic glitter. First up is shapes and sizes. Eco glitter doesn’t come in any shapes like hearts stars or triangles – these will definitely be plastic.

Eco glitter DOES come in hex shapes but nothing above 0.94”. Eco glitter is available in fine, standard, chunky, super and uber but again, all are under 0.94”!

If it’s holographic and super shiny, it’s more than likely to be plastic. If it feels scratchy on your skin and you can buy huge pots for less money, sorry again, it’s plastic!

There are over 36 beautiful colours and blends available in eco glitter and they’re working away on upping their range with some new and exciting developments currently in place (edit March 2020) but it’s not available in all colours as yet, so no orange.

Why is eco glitter better for your skin?

Our eco glitter is cosmetic grade, meaning it’s completely safe for your skin. It’s non-toxic and much softer than plastic glitters. It cleans off quicker and smoother, giving you less irritation. It is also cruelty-free and some are vegan.

We hope this helps and hit us up with any of your eco glitter questions!

Claire x


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