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I had the absolute pleasure of glittering at Rachel’s baby shower at the weekend. Rachel and I met back in reception and went through primary and secondary school together – that’s 29 years of friendship! I had the absolute pleasure of styling Rachel’s hair for her wedding six years ago and then glittering her glorious bump for her gender reveal when she was 20 weeks – all such great memories!

So, now, with just four weeks to go, I had the pleasure of glittering at her baby shower.

A baby shower with a difference, I rocked up and was greeted by a beautiful set out garden by the lovely Anthology Vintage Hire and there before me was a fantastic display of dinosaurs and colour. And anyone who knows me, my current obsession with t-rex’s is off the scale (have you seen my handbags and necklaces?!).

As always, everyone was keen to get their glitter on. This never ever tires and it’s always so gratifying! The love for glitter just goes on and it was a great pleasure to get the sparkles out!

After glittering, I was included in all the games and even got to get my draw on. The perks of this job are literally never ending!

Thanks for having me at your baby shower and I can’t wait to meet your baby boy!

Claire x

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