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With Supermarket Sweep about to start tonight, I thought it was the perfect time to tell you about the time we were asked to glitter at Rylan’s lovely husband - Dan Clark-Neal's - 40th birthday party.

Most of our team were already fans of Rylan and when we got the call in to glitter at Dan’s 40th we couldn’t believe our luck!

The day arrived and Emma and Ben went along earlier in the day to set up. They came back a tiny bit (ok, ridiculously!) excited for what was being set up for later on that day which set my grin to full beam!

It was Emma and me glittering for this event and as we rocked up in our usual kimonos and full faces of glitter (we do like a good entrance!) the party was in full swing. Dan and Rylan welcomed us with open arms and told us how excited everyone was excited to meet us and get their glitter on. We set up and got on with glittering some incredibly lovely people.

We started with our signature look and worked through all of the amazing guests. We were star struck (not even ashamed to say it!) and humbled by just how friendly and welcoming everyone was. Not to mention SO. MUCH. FUN!

After two hours of glittering, we got to meet and glitter the incredible birthday boy himself…

Dan Clark-Neal looking incredible in a sequinned vest and face glitter applied by Luxurious Glitter

The girls then came back for more and we upped our game with glitter garters, chest pieces, boobs and buttocks and done some of the best glittering to date.

As Rylan was filming for Supermarket Sweep, he went for some subtle gems...

Rylan Clark-Neal goes for three subtle gems by his eye. In this picture he's winking and pulling a cheeky face!

Up next was the lovely Sophie Ellis Bextor and her husband, Richard Jones. I’ve got to add that Never Be Lonely was one of my all-time favourites growing up and watching Sophie Ellis Bextor sing Murder on the Dancefloor sparked the 14-year old girl in me! Sophie was also totally incredible in Strictly Come Dancing! Just lovely.

Up next to the glitter bar was Carol Decker from T’Pau and as China In Your Hand was the first ever single Emma owned, she couldn’t wait to glitter her!

Emma, Carol Decker from T'Pau and Claire from Luxurious Glitter smiling for the camera in their eco glitter!

We also got to meet the lovely Jack Madeley who was an absolute delight. Am I allowed to admit that I always had a crush on his dad, Richard, when I was younger?!

There were so many people we met and glittered and after four and a half hours, 80 packs of gems and a tonne of eco-glitter, we called it a night.

We had a little boogie, cleared up a monumental glitter explosion, packed up and sashayed away home.

A massive thank you to Dan Clark-Neal and Rylan for having us and being absolutely epic. We’ll be watching you on Supermarket Sweep tonight and Strictly Come Dancing (of course!).




All images by Luxurious Glitter

Blog banner image: Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

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