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Glitter Under Canvas

We had such an amazing time this weekend sharing the eco glitter bar love at Events Under Canvas Wedding Open Day at their Chapel St Mary HQ that we just had to share a little slice of the sparkly experience with you! And it also seems quite fitting for the first blog on our new, glittery site. :)

First to mention is Laura and the guys that run the event. They are simply some of the nicest people we’ve met so far! So down to earth and natural and they properly made us feel at home, which was really great for our first experience out in the wild.

So, our luck was officially in. As you know, the weather at the weekend was particularly rubbish but we managed to nab a spot just by the fire pit and heater. Any other weekend recently this would have been a no, but not this one! And this definitely made us popular with the other suppliers. At first, we thought it was our dazzling good looks, charm, pompom hairbands and FAB-U-LOUS glitter bar display but nah, it was the heater!

Emma, Holly and I set up and welcomed some amazing couples and families over the wedding weekender and I swear, we’ve never laughed so much! We never knew just how amazingly random people’s thoughts would be when it came to what they’d want from a glitter bar service – we honestly thought it was just us with the craziness! We talked about being unicorns on unicorns, glittering horses and dare I say, even how to glitter a dog (in a friendly, non-evasive manner, of course!). There was even talks of pinning down the father of the bride and giving him a surprise glitter bomb… honestly, anything goes with glitter!

Silliness aside, we made some great 2019 bookings for our eco-glitter bar and we really love that all the couples we spoke to LOVE the eco glitter, the idea behind it and all the colours and blends we have on offer and how they all got really excited over the idea of adding a little Luxurious Glitter sparkle to their big day.

We had the pleasure of being next to the brilliant (if we don't say so ourselves... *ahem* see some of our fab website pictures) Chloe Lee Photography and had the pleasure of meeting some ah-mazing suppliers, too. Totally dribbled over the burgers from Hungry Hog (OMG, I have never tasted a BBQ burger quite like it – they may be on my own wedding list at this rate!); the ladies from Gather and Feast fed us some incredible Bakewell Tarts and Sticky Toffee Pudding (I’m not dropping a dress size anytime soon, FYI) and they all came over for a sprinkle of Luxurious Glitter Bar eco glitter and shimmered the weekend away.

There are literally loads of suppliers we’d like to mention but reckon you should just check out Events Under Canvas and if you think you’d like a glitter bar at your wedding to make your guests sparkle the night away, then make sure you get in touch. We want to hear all your glitter bar wedding requests… even if that means glitter bombing the in-laws!

Claire xx

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