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You’re planning your big day. You’re (obviously!) planning in a wedding glitter bar. But the big question you’ll probably be asking yourself is do you do it yourself or hire in the professionals? What items are you prepared to cut corners on (because we all know weddings are a small fortune these days!) and what ones do you definitely want a professional finish on?

Wedding glitter bars have two options – do it (or more brave it) yourself, or hire in professional wedding glitter bar artists, like us.

This fabulously sparkly trend is set to stay (yey to us!) so we thought we’d help you weigh up the pros and cons and give you our take on both sides of the glitter station.


First up on our list is the cost. Of course, if you cut corners and go for a low-key, no thrills, plastic glitter station then your glitter bar is going to come up cheaper. But if you’re looking for the real deal and those Insta-worthy photos, there are other things to consider cost-wise before you make your mind up.

Things like when you’re buying your glitter, are you going to stick with one colour, one theme, or twenty different colours (we love all the colours here!)? How much do you buy of each glitter? Are you going to go eco, which costs more but so worth it? How are your guests going to apply their glitter, too? How many brushes do you need to buy (tip: they tend to need cleaning between each application to stop a sticky build-up) and are you going to want mirrors, stands and instructions? Do you want gems? If so, what kind and how many?

If you’re going all out here, you’ve easily just spent a couple of hundred, just on the kit alone.

Hiring in a professional team means you’ll have access to all the very latest eco-glitter blends and mixes, reusable gems and all the expertise in current designs and application that will work perfectly in with your day.


Of course, a DIY glitter bar means you can have it there on your wedding day, all day.

Most professional teams will offer you a couple of hours (we offer 2 hour time slots, more if you need it for a reason. In humble our experience though, a glitter station left unmanned gets seriously messy, quickly...

Also, in our experience, drunk guests can find themselves amusing (let’s face it, if you’re a guest and you’re tipsy, then you are hilarious – high five!) and your lovely Instagram-worthy glitter goals are all but gone. Cut to scene and you’ve got a few dodgy swear words sketched out in glitter and the odd willy here and there. Funny, but not for your forever-photos.

And let’s not forget about the mess glitter creates! So sparkly but so messy! A professional team of glitter artists will show up, set up, glitter up and tidy up. This is great for you (yey, no clearing up glitter or washing kit!) and also for your venue, who might not appreciate glitter at the best of times anyway...


There’s not much else to weigh up here. Yes, it’s another expense to your day BUT:

· You’ll have access to all the glitter under the sun

· There will be two artists there taking care of everything

· We clear up after ourselves meaning no mess for you

· We’ll say no to silly glitter ideas – no willies (people really do ask!)

· We’ll come up with all a professional design and match in with colours and clothes

· WE come fully stocked with all the latest colours and blends so there’s plenty of choice

· Your photos will look INCREDIBLE!

· Your venue will be more likely to accept a glitter bar with a professional team behind them

· No plastic litter – go you!

It is your day though and whatever you decide to go for, you’ll have an amazing one!

Enjoy, have fun and let’s spread the glitter love!

Claire xx


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