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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

We’re really enjoying supporting fellow small businesses at the moment with our little series of wedding supplier love blogs! So, this week, Claire’s delved into a world she’s super familiar with and has been chatting with a selection of the best hair and makeup wedding industry experts in and around Essex, Kent, London and Suffolk to give you a little insight and inspiration for your big day...


Experts in vintage, alternative, classic Hollywood and modern bridal hair and makeup, the Le Keux brand come with a decade’s worth of experience in bridal hair, all over the UK. I spoke with Anna, who’s based in Leigh on Sea and we chatted about our mutual love for vintage hair.

I love a vintage bridal hairstyle. What’s the most way-out hair you've ever created for a wedding?

I styled a 1940's style wedding. It was challenging and it really suited the bride!

How long have you been styling bridal hair and what attracted you to the wedding industry?

Le Keux have been providing a mobile hair and makeup services to brides across the country for over 12 years and now there’s a branch, which I run, in Leigh on Sea. I’ve got over eight years’ experience in the wedding and events industry where I originally started as a wedding planner for prestigious venues in Hertfordshire and Essex. I trained with Lynsey LeKeux ready to open the Essex salon and bring a bit of vintage glamour to the South East.

How would you summarise your style?

Le Keux’s style, and mine, can best be described as inclusive for all, offering vintage with a modern twist.

If you could create any style that’s not classed as ‘bridal’ what would it be?

At Le Keux we are always open to trying something new and our main focus is really building the confidence of our customers. A more non-traditional style we love doing for brides are classic victory rolls.

Do you have a favourite wedding hair/makeup style that you’ve created?

Our favourite wedding look has to be the classic beauty of Hollywood waves, bringing a touch of red carpet glamour to any brides special day.

Check out more of Anna and Le Keux’s fab work here:


Hollie and I have quite a few mutual interests – hello, Harry Potter, hello biker jackets! Hollie is an awesome makeup artist with five years’ experience in the industry. She’s an absolute natural at what she does and one to follow for big day inspiration.

How long have you been doing bridal makeup and what attracted you to the wedding industry?

I trained at the London College of Fashion five years ago, specialising in special occasion and bridal makeup. Honestly, I wasn’t always into makeup! But I took the leap to train in this industry as I love a blank canvas to work with. There’s no better feeling than a bride looking into the mirror after you’ve enhanced their natural beauty and you see the positivity beaming.

And I think it goes without saying that I absolutely love EVERYTHING wedding related! Meeting new people, weddings, makeup and yummy croissants. What more could you want from a morning’s work?

If you could, how would you summarise your style?

I would say my style was natural and radiant. I use products which are lightweight but long-lasting and it’s a real pleasure when brides email me starting off with ‘I love your style’. I know those early, early, mornings are so worth it when I hear that!

If you could create any style that’s not classed as ‘bridal’ what would it be?

I love everything glitter, bright coloured and iridescent. Not your traditional bridal style, but how amazing would it be to be covered in professionally done glitter for your wedding! Imagine you and each and every one of your guests going home with a bit of sparkle on them! Quite a nice thought, really. Now come to think of it, a fairy?! I’d love a bride to be dressed as a fairy, lots of enchanting glitter and getting married in the woods. That would be my fairy tale wedding style. Actually, can I get married again?!

What’s your favourite part of the wedding morning?

My favourite part of the wedding morning? Coffee! Only kidding! But it helps. We can start as early as 5.30am some mornings. There’s a real buzz around and that actually gets me going and I just love it all. I love being introduced to everyone, being part and having such a giggle and then there’s the makeup reveal and getting into the dress.

The last hour of the morning is always such a rush and although it’s the hardest part of the morning and I always wish we had more time to laugh and play with makeup, it’s my most productive hour! Helping bridesmaids into their dresses and helping the bride into hers for her big reveal to the bridal party is such a joy. And then helping everyone pack up their things so they can leave the bridal suite is all such a buzz – it’s literally all GO, GO, GO!

Do you have a favourite hair and makeup style that you’ve created?

Oh, Elly! What an absolute gem! I styled Elly’s hair and makeup for her big day marrying a cool dude, Jack. Elly wore white dungarees with white Vans and a white lace top underneath. This teamed with relaxed waves in her hair, natural makeup showing off her freckles, a red lip and a teeny bit of silver glitter in the corner of her eye, she looked awesome! We had such a lovely morning.

What would your ideal wedding party be?

I don’t have an ideal type. I just love meeting people and I’m so happy to be around everyone. I’m happiest with a makeup-free bride or bridesmaid, sat in my chair and if we couldn’t talk while I’m creating a winged eyeliner, I’m happy! Ha!

Check out more of Hollie’s incredible work here:


Ever since Clare can remember, she’s always wanted to be a hairdresser. I’ve known Clare for many years now and I’ve always loved her real and rustic style. Clare brings 20 years of hairdressing and many awards to the wedding industry and her hairstyles and bridal styles are stunning.

How long have you been styling bridal hair and what attracted you to the wedding industry?

I’m in my third year of being in the wedding industry and I love it. I was a salon hairdresser for over 20 years, which I also completely loved!

In summer 2016 I had to rethink the way I worked as I developed RSI. The news completely crushed me as I loved hairdressing, but it opened a new door into the wedding industry and I’m loving every bit of my new venture!

If you could, can you summarise your style?

I enjoy all bridal requests from classic to vintage and boho. Nothing too starchy and over-sprayed though! I can turn my hand to whatever’s in my client’s mind.

If you could create any style not classed as bridal what would it be?

I do really love all aspects of styling! During lockdown though, I’ve created an Avant-Garde look which is something I really enjoyed creating. It pushes all your skillsets to the extreme and something that normally fights against gravity!

I’ve also been practising my 1930s finger waves with clamps but with a modern twist. Vintage waves have always been on the top of my to achieve list – they have so much technique to them but when you master them, they’re extremely satisfying!

What’s your favourite part of the wedding morning?

For me, it’s when we are right in the flow of the morning. A few bridesmaids are done, prep is setting and there is a calmness. You can feel the excitement and anticipation growing and there’s so much love in the room as cards are opened, bubbles are poured, and favourite songs are played. A few tears are shed but with smiles and the family is arriving.

The buzz is incredible! I have to keep myself centred and not get too carried away with the emotion of it all! After all the emails and contact you have had with your bride, it’s just so easy to!

I suggest to all my brides to take lots of pictures and videos of this bit as it’s such a great memory. One bride actually bought an instant camera, so she had a photo collage to show her guests at the wedding of them all getting ready. The groom did the same and I thought this was a really nice touch.

What’s your most favourite wedding hair that you have created?

It has to be the Hollywood waves. Like I said before, theses vintage looks have so much technique behind them and it really does take a lot of time to master them.

What would your ideal bridal party?

My ideal bridal party is relaxed chilled and enjoying every minute of their wedding morning – which is most weddings!

What’s the most way-out hair you have created?

I was asked to style hair for the makeup brand Krylon on one of their campaigns. They asked me to create a hairstyle for a fantasy bride and my bride and my brief was that she lives in the forest and is very connected to nature! I had great fun with this!

Check out Clare’s work here:


Zoe is a natural hair and makeup specialist for fashion-forward brides, and I was over the moon to talk to her about her style and the effortless style she brings to the wedding industry.

How long have you been styling bridal hair and makeup and what attracted you to the wedding industry?

I have been a natural wedding hair and makeup specialist for around 10 years now.

I found myself on my journey with Knot Your Average Bride just over 2 years ago when I decided that bridal styles needed modernising and the word ‘contour’ needed to be banned!

If you can, summarise your style?

Knot Your Average Bride is all about ‘effortlessly beautiful’ hair and makeup looks that are fresh, textured and modern.

If you could create any style that’s not generally classified as ‘bridal’ what would it be?

Something super editorial with fresh skin and a pop of colour either in the form of a coloured liner or a bright lip!

What’s your favourite part of a wedding morning?

I love the buzz of the whole morning but without a doubt, it’s when the bride gets in her dress and reveals herself to her bridal party. Gets me every time!

What’s your favourite wedding hair/make up you have ever created?

Oh my goodness, it’s hard to choose but I think the hair and makeup I created for Hannah from Eden B Studio is up there with my favourites as it’s super fresh and effortless!

What would be your ideal bride (groom) wedding party?

Any bride that wants to embrace her best natural attributes!

What’s the most out-there hair and makeup style you’ve ever created?

Despite my fashion background, I keep my bridal hair and makeup fairly fresh and minimal as this is the type of client I attract. I tend to save my out-there creative looks for styled shoots or editorials but who knows what’s in store for the future… I’m totally open to having a play!

Check out Zoe’s incredible work here:


Lynette is an award-winning bridal hair specialist with over 25 years’ experience in the hairdressing industry. You’ll find Lynette on the official supplier’s list for the Bruisyard Hall Wedding Venue in Suffolk and That Amazing Place in Essex and her style is stunning.

How long have you been styling bridal hair and what attracted you to the wedding industry?

I’ve been in the wedding industry for eight years now. I’ve always been a hairdresser and as my daughter grew up, I found I had more times on my hand, so I decided to up my game and create a business for myself, styling wedding hair.

How would you summarise your style?

I wouldn’t really say I have a particular style! I tend to work with my clients to achieve the look they’re after. I manage this by keeping up with the latest trends so I can offer the current looks brides are asking for.

Are there any styles not classed as bridals you’d love to do?

I love Avant-Garde style so I’d love to create something arty and out there – that would excite me. Maybe an arty take on Mohican!

What’s your favourite part of the wedding morning?

I love seeing the bride dressed and ready! Such a happy moment and really satisfying knowing you helped create her look.

What would your ideal wedding be?

I’ve been spending three months of the year styling weddings on the Greek Island of Crete and that’s pretty ideal!

You can check more of Lynette’s work out here:

I hope this gives you all some inspiration for your big day look and thanks to everyone for getting involved <3

Claire x

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