How do I book Luxurious Glitter Bar?

Message us here. Claire will then be in touch for a few details and if successful, a booking form. A booking fee will be required to secure your date and then it’s all glitter bar go-go-go from there!

Do you use plastic glitter?

Nope. No plastic glitter here at Luxurious Glitter! We pride ourselves on using eco-friendly glitter. Our glitter is biodegradable and is made from a certified compostable film. It’s non-toxic, free of heavy metals and fully approved for cosmetic use. On top of this, our glitter is sustainably sourced, and the film contains zero genetically modified materials or materials from any genetically modified organisms.

We would like you to stay all evening at our wedding reception. Is this possible?

Absolutely! Our standard package is for two hours, but if you’d like us for longer, we can arrange an hourly fee. Get in touch for more details on a bespoke package.

What locations do you cover?

We have two main locations - Essex and Kent. We'll travel across these two counties and surrounding areas (Suffolk, Norfolk, East Sussex and some areas of London).

I’ve got a themed event. Can you match glitter and designs?

We can certainly try! We’re limited to the colour options available to us in the eco-glitter range. They haven’t got every single colour as yet but what they do have is absolutely amazing. We can also make you up some stencils specific to your event.

How do I remove glitter?

It comes off quite easily. For faces, we recommend that you lightly wipe with a dry towel and then when most of the glitter is removed, use a damp cloth to wipe away the rest. If you have any stubborn bits, then use a little coconut oil.

For glitter hair, first comb as much out as possible. Shampoo as normal and then comb through your conditioner.

Do you charge for travel?

Yes. For Essex based parties, we'll travel to you free of charge inside 14 miles of CM2. Outside of this we charge for travel and any tolls/congestion charges. For Kent, we travel free of charge inside 14 miles of ME8 an again, charge for travel outside of this postcode alongside any tolls or congestion charges.

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