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I've always loved glitter. For as long as I've been wearing make-up, glitter was always a part of it. I remember at the age of 15 begging my mum to get me the Urban Decay heavy metal liners. And I had them in every colour. When I was 20, I started working for a brand called Pop Beauty who made loose glitter in every colour imaginable... so of course, I wore glitter eyeliner every day!

It didn’t stop there. My glitter obsession continued at B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful, a now-discontinued make-up range from Lush. Working there meant I got to play with even more glitter – and all ethically sourced!

Who doesn't love glitter really though? It's sparkly, fun and everything just looks better with a bit of sparkle on it!

I first saw a glitter bar in action at a friend’s wedding in 2018. Another hen party before us had hired a glitter artist who had left behind some of her glitter for us all to play with, which we did! Cue drunken glitter applications on all the girls and as you can imagine, it wasn’t very professional, or eco-friendly!

Earlier this year, I saw photos of Lucy Can’t Dance’s new collection launch and that’s where I first saw Luxurious Glitter bar in action. And that was when I was determined to have a glitter bar at our wedding. My groom wasn’t so keen, however, I booked it secretly! I did have to tell him when I needed to pay the deposit from our join savings account!

Having a glitter bar at our wedding was one of the biggest highlights of the day (the other being getting married, of course!).

All of our guests absolutely loved it. Some had never seen a glitter bar before and some weren’t too sure about it at first. However, once the first few guests had been glittered up, most followed. The groom took a little more convincing… as you can see from his photos, he’s not the biggest glitter fan.

So, whilst Claire was glittering me up, I mentioned to her how much I would love to do this and be a glitter fairy and she said to get in touch with her after our wedding. I’m not sure if she really realised just how serious I was but three days later I was messaging her about becoming a glitter fairy and the rest is history!

I had considered earlier in the year if this was something I could do on my own as I’m already a trained make-up artist, but the start-up costs alone would have been a huge layout, especially as I would always want to be eco-friendly and plastic-free, where possible.

Working for an established glitter bar means I get to do the fun part without the hard work that goes into running a business like this. After working for them on different events, I've been able to see the sheer scale of the set-up, the equipment needed and the costs involved. When you're hiring a glitter bar, you’re not just hiring a person and a bit of glitter, there's the display units, the uniforms, the backdrop, the signage, the lighting as well as all the glitter, brushes, face paints and gems.

What I like about Luxurious Glitter is that fact that they are eco-friendly, fun and such an awesome team. I also love being able to make people so happy through glitter!

See you at an event soon,

Alex x



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